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Fuji is more than just my pet, he is my emotional support. He is my purse pooch as I refer to him...

So I did a thing… after saying I would NEVER EVER have another small white fluffy dog after the passing of my mini poodle LUCKY, I am now the proud DOG MOM of a small fluffy dog named FUJI. NEVER SAY NEVER! To be fair, he’s a cream and tan Morkie, so I did hold true to my word and I always say you’re only as good as your word!

Fuji, better know as F-U (a fitting name as I bought him during the pandemic ) is my travel companion, my unconditional face licker, snuggle bug, and hyper manic ball of fur that I wouldn’t trade for all the gold at the end of the rainbow. He was delivered to me in an Uber from a breeder three hours away in NC. Can you imagine? A large tattooed, pierced man driving an Uber for a puppy delivery with a 1.5 pound of fluff in the zipper of his hoodie!

I had decided on a whim after feeling alone and isolated in my uptown Charlotte condo that I needed something alive to come home to. Not the plants that I can’t seem to keep alive, but a real, living, breathing animal. My entire childhood I was told I had allergies to dogs, but I think my mom just wanted a clean house LOL, and since 1997 I have had multiple over the years. Not a sniffle or eye rub on my part, so no allergies to be documented HAHA...

Fuji is more than just my pet, he is my emotional support. He is my purse pooch as I refer to him... I think Louis Vuitton never imagined when designing his bags that a small 5 pound ball of fur would be sitting in it! My good friend refers to Fuji as a COVID DOG, one that was obtained during the pandemic, got used to having his Mom home every waking minute of the day, was not socialized or trained formally, and now RULES THE HOUSE! Climbing and jumping from sofa to sofa, even onto my desk as I type this. He is small, spunky, and tenacious. Quite honestly, he is me in dog form. He doesn’t give up, finds a way, and has an amazing sense of fashion. His wardrobe is more extensive than most. His favorite T Shirt reads “My Parent Is Well Trained“ HAHA!

Sometimes when you least expect it, a small surprise delivery into your life makes all the world of difference. Lets hope since I am finally home after a week of leaving him with the dog sitter that is the only small surprise I find in my condo…. He’s been know to leave gifts to remind me how much he needs me as much as I need him.

Follow our adventures and his page at RedBIRDSPUPPY to see what we get in to.




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