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But then I thought to myself, “what am I doing claiming to live my authentic truth and life if I am afraid of what others will say and how they will judge me?!”

I hesitated posting photos that I did for my Birthday shoot in this black leather dress and Denim Jacket from Cult of Individuality that reads “ MAY THE BRIDGES I BURN LIGHT THE WAY “ because I am by nature a “people pleaser." I was afraid of the comments and remarks about a 50 yr old woman in leather and denim showcasing her Legs and a message about Burning Bridges… But then I thought to myself, “what am I doing claiming to live my authentic truth and life if I am afraid of what others will say and how they will judge me?!” So here it is - my truth, my authenticity, my LEGS! In heels that are only good to get me from a sofa to a chair before tiring and wobbling LOL. We have all purchased that one pair of Dream Shoes that never make it out in public for fear of breaking an ankle and ending up in the ER, having to explain what you were doing out at 1 am in Miami or NYC as a mature woman! So, when the opportunity came to do Birthday photos and Branding Photos for this new platform, I dug them out of the closet and had the local ambulance on standby in case of said ankle roll LOL!

This jacket from CULT OF INDIVIDUALITY is more than just a Denim Jacket to me by one of the hottest designers in NYC. It is a statement of letting go... Letting go of fear, letting go of judgment, letting go of those things in life that no longer serve your well being and mental health. Some make take Burning a Bridge as a negative, but I am learning to look at life through the “glass is half full" approach these days. Burning a Bridge doesn’t mean that you don’t cherish what is on the other side of what was left behind. It doesn’t mean that you don’t value the things that are on the other side of the bridge for what they were. It means that you have learned to love yourself enough to sever ties with the things on that side of the Bridge that got you to the point of crossing over and finding yourself again. The lost version of you that hid in the shadows for fear of being judged, being ridiculed, of feeling pain and hurt. The new side of the Bridge has endless possibilities, endless paths to take, endless adventures! Life does not end at 50 years of age. As I type that, I think to myself “OMG, I am half a century old!“ But I can also say “I have half a century of life experiences that have formed me and made me into the Woman I am today." An independent and fearless woman with an IDGAF Red Flamingo attitude that will always choose to stand out from this moment forward and will no longer hide in the shadows. So not only will I “Burn the Bridges to Light the Way," I will blow that Bridge up with Fireworks and Glitter so that other women around the world can see the light when they are in the darkness and find their new path... Adventure and the FLIGHT OF THE FLAMINGO await! xoxo Suzanne #AREDFLAMINGO



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